COVID-19 Update 1.17.22


COVID-19 Update

Dear Patients, Residents, Family and Staff:

As we continue to experience the effects of Covid at Shawnee PARC, we continue to ask for your diligence and discipline in living and promoting safety practices to minimize exposure at Shawnee PARC and in our community. Though Families and Visitors are at liberty to visit loved ones, understand that you visit at your own risk. If you choose to visit, you must ensure that you are properly wearing a mask to cover nose and mouth at all times while in the building, hand hygiene is required, and please don’t forget social distancing. With over forty-eight Residents who have tested Covid positive since the beginning of this event, it would be most advisable to postpone your visit when this event resolves; but you are given the options to make the smartest choice for yourself.

On a scheduled round of Covid testing, one Resident tested positive for Covid today. The single Resident who tested positive will be treated and isolated in place given the fact the Resident is currently in a Covid Hybrid Unit. All other Residents tested negative for Covid including Assisted Living Residents. The facility will perform another round of testing on Friday per guidance from the Department of Health. One Staff Member tested positive for Covid today and will be isolating at home per CDC/CMS guidelines. We are glad that two more Resident graduated from Covid today. There are also several more Residents who are slated for graduation tomorrow; we will let you know those numbers once Residents have been cleared by our Clinical Team.

Our Clinical Staff is being inundated with phone calls which are making it more challenging to focus on the Residents and Patients; we ask for your grace and patience in these unprecedented times. Please also consider that we are currently running Contingent Staffing still due to the number of Staff Members who are currently out with Covid, and Staff Members who are out for other illnesses. We feel hopeful that all efforts placed into mitigating Covid, in collaboration with the Department of Health, will continue to yield the best possible outcome for our Residents whom we love and Patients as well. We ask for grace, understanding, and patience for All our Team Members who are currently fighting the good fight on behalf of your loved ones with all they’ve got and then some.

The Covid Vaccine Mandate from the Federal Government has been upheld by the Supreme Court and is now in full force for all 50 States. All Healthcare workers are to be fully vaccinated by January the 28th. If you are unsure if you have been registered in the system as fully vaccinated, it is your responsibility to check with Nik in HR to ensure you have reached compliance. You can also just toss a copy of your Vaccination Card underneath HR’s door.
We appreciate everyone’s collaboration, compliance, and discipline with all guidelines at this time; we will get through this together!

At your service,

The Leadership Team at Shawnee PARC