COVID-19 Update 1.23.22


COVID-19 Update

Dear Patients, Residents, Family and Staff:

We are glad to inform you that most everyone who has experienced Covid due to this event has now gradated! We had a Resident from Assisted Living who graduated today. We then have one more Resident who’ll be graduating on the 27th. As of now, given no new Residents who have tested positive, we can assume this event is almost resolved. No Staff Members tested positive for Covid today either.

This event has been very challenging for our Residents and very arduous for all our Team Members. We ask your diligence with all infection control practices while you’re at Shawnee PARC. If you are exhibiting any symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, fever (even low grade), sore throat, runny nose, etc., please delay your visit until you’re feeling completely well. While you’re in the Facility, please make certain that you are wearing a mask from the upper bridge of your nose, to the bottom part of your chine. There are several hand sanitizing stations in the Facility, please ensure you’re sanitize your hands by rubbing all surfaces of your fingers and palms of your hands. And please don’t forget to social distance. Limit your visit to the shortest distance from the front door post checking in, to the Resident’s room; please do not wander in the hallways. We also ask that you please minimize the number of Visitors per Resident per visit. Our Residents, Patients and Staff do not want to relive an event like this moving forward; so please be mindful of all safety and infection control practices while you’re in Shawnee PARC.

For those Visitors who are wanting to visit Covid positive Patients and Residents, please keep in mind that every visit increases the chances of Visitors becoming contagious and further spreading Covid in the Community. Please keep in mind that you’ll be required to use PPE while in Covid areas all times. We also ask that you keep in mind that you’ll be utilizing PPE has been designated for Resident and Patient care, and PPE can be hard to come by. We ask that you be mindful as you consider visiting a loved one in the Covid Unit.

Please also consider that we are still running Contingent Staffing due to the number of Staff Members who are out for illnesses. We ask for grace, understanding, and patience for All our Team Members who are currently fighting the good fight. We are still receiving a large volume of calls and would appreciate limiting your calls as much as possible. We would encourage all of you to stay connected with your loved ones via phone as much as possible. Connecting with your loved ones is key to their psycho-social wellbeing and to their quality of life.

Please keep in mind the Federal Mandate Requires Complete Vaccination for all Healthcare Professionals, or a fully executed exemption form; and Work Is Contingent Upon Compliance with this Mandate by Sunday, February 13th.

We appreciate everyone’s collaboration, compliance, and discipline with all guidelines at this time.

At your service,

The Leadership Team at Shawnee PARC