COVID-19 Update 1.27.22


COVID-19 Update

Dear Patients, Residents, Family and Staff:

We are glad to inform you that most everyone who has experienced Covid due to this event has now gradated! We have one more Resident who’ll be graduating tomorrow the 28th. We were hopping to have our last Resident graduate today, but the Resident is not quite ready yet. We expect graduation tomorrow and look forward to calling this event resolved. The Facility had another schedule round of Covid testing for all three floor for all Residents who have not tested Covid positive thus far. We are happy to report that All Resident tests came back negative. We also did not have any Staff Members test positive either.

We will collaborate with the Department of Health once more to determine how many more rounds of testing will need to be completed before the Facility is officially deemed resolved of this event. Once we have a determined testing plan agreed upon by the Department of Health, and it’s presented to our readers, Covid Update Letters will resume as new Covid cases arise. More information will be provided on the next letter.

For those Visitors who are wanting to visit Covid Positive Patients and Residents, please keep in mind that every visit increases the chances of Visitors becoming contagious and further spreading Covid in the Facility and in the Community. We ask that you keep in mind that you’ll be utilizing PPE that has been designated for Resident and Patient care, and PPE can be hard to come by. We ask that you be mindful as you consider visiting a loved one in the Covid Unit. If Visitors are non-compliant at any time with the Core Principles of Infection Control, the Facility has the right to end visitation. We would ask you to thoughtfully consider if an on-site Covid Unit visit is the best decision for you, your loved one, and the community at large.

Please also consider that we are still running Contingent Staffing due to the number of Staff Members who are out for illnesses. We ask for grace, understanding, and patience for All our Team Members who are currently fighting the good fight. We are still receiving a large volume of calls and would appreciate limiting your calls as much as possible. Staff Members will reach out to you if there’s a change in condition with your loved one.

Team Members:
Please keep in mind the Federal Mandate Requires Complete Vaccination for all Healthcare Professionals, or a fully executed exemption form; and Work Is Contingent Upon Compliance with this Mandate by Sunday, February 13th. Though an extension has been provided by the Federal Government, we ask that you do not wait to the last minute to participate in the vaccination process, or complete an exemption form. Exemption forms must be reviewed before they can be considered fully executed.

We appreciate everyone’s collaboration, compliance, and discipline with all guidelines at this time.

At your service,

The Leadership Team at Shawnee PARC