COVID-19 Updates 9.24.20


Re: COVID-19 Updates


Dear Patients, Residents, Family and Friends;

In our commitment to keep you updated as we navigate through this pandemic, we would like to inform you that we’ve had two staff test positive for Covid-19. The two individuals have been quarantined from the facility and they will keep our Infection Control Clinician informed regarding their progress until their illness has resolved and are able to return to work once they meet criteria to safely do so. We are collaborating with the Department of Health to ensure we are doing everything on our end to keep our Residents, Patients and Staff as safe as possible.

As follow up to our single Assisted Living Resident with confirmed Covid-19, the Resident is still asymptomatic. The Resident is currently on day nine in our isolated Covid Positive Wing attended by dedicated staff. The Resident is stable and eager to “graduate” and return back to her apartment in Assisted Living. All Residents in Assisted Living were tested and all tests returned negative for the virus. Per CDC guidelines, all Residents will continue to be assessed for signs and symptoms of the virus and will remain in quarantine until the end of the month.

Rest assured all interventions are in fully gear and are being executed to ensure we contain any potential spread as much as we possibly can to keep your loved ones as safe as possible. Should a loved one begin to show symptoms and/or test positive for Covid-19, we will let you know as soon as possible and share with you the plan.

We appreciate your understanding as all of us dedicate our time and resources to focus on containment. We realize you may have questions and/or concerns. We encourage you to utilize email at in order to reduce the number of calls. Please be aware that our Receptionists will most likely take a message to include your name, your loved one’s name, email address, telephone number and question. Receptionists will then route your question to the right Department Head to assist you with an answer.

Thank you for your support and for trusting us with the care of your loved one. We will certainly keep you updated as we continue to mitigate this single Covid-19 case.


At your service,

The Leadership Team at Shawnee PARC