Visitation Re-Opening Update


Visitation Re-Opening Update


Dear Patients, Residents, Family and Staff;

We couldn’t be happier to have seen many of our Residents reconnecting under one roof with family and friends; this re-opening could not have come soon enough.

Unfortunately, just like with anything new, we did run across a few concerns that we would like to make everyone aware of. For the time being, we cannot host children or pets as visitors; we understand how crushing this is and we certainly empathize. We are also emphasizing two visitor per Resident at this time. Please remember to schedule your visit a day in advance to ensure we can accommodate your scheduled visit as best as possible.

Visitors can contact Winnie at 913-548-3518 or  to schedule a visit with a Long-Term Care Resident and contact Cena at 913-229-2859 or to schedule a visit with an Assisted Living Resident. Visits will be limited to 1 time per day for 15 minutes at a time upon schedule availability seven days a week from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Only scheduled visits will be allowed; no walk-ins will be permitted. Visitors will be required to bring their own mask, hand sanitize, and social distance and enter the building through our main door only. Visitors will be required to approach the front desk for screening and logging their visit along with receiving a Visitor Education Sheet explaining the guidelines and consequences if they are not carefully followed. Visitation area will be under surveillance to ensure Resident safety and visitor compliance. Visitation can be terminated at any time should visitor fail to follow guidelines. Indoor visitations are at visitors own risk and cannot hold the facility liable for contracting the virus.

Our hair stylist started working on our Residents this week and it was definitely an amazing experience for our Residents who participated in getting beatified. This is just one step closer to getting back to what the new normal will be looking like for our facility, our community and our Country.

We’ve received new guidance from the Jonson County Department of Health regarding re-opening guidance and practices. Our Infection Control Taskforce is currently reviewing how the new guidance will be incorporated into what we are currently practicing regarding visitations. The news is certainly exciting and we can’t wait to determine the best approach to implement these new practices. More information on this to come on our next letter.

As always, our top priority is keeping our Residents and Staff as safe as possible and we appreciate your compliance and discipline with the visitation practices. Thank you again for your continued confidence to care for your loved one and for supporting us in our efforts during this pandemic.


At your service,

The Leadership Team at Shawnee PARC