COVID-19 Update 8.14.21


COVID-19 Update


Dear Patients, Residents, Family and Staff:

We would like to inform you that we had two Staff Members on Second Floor test positive for Covid. Though experiencing mild symptoms, the Charge Nurse was well versed in Covid symptomology and was able to self-identify that he needed to distance himself from the building. A CNA also tested positive for Covid without symptoms and is feeling well at this time; the facility will collaborate with the lab to do a PCR to verify the rapid test result. The Charge Nurse was encouraged to self-quarantine in his home for a minimum of 10 days and could then return after being symptom free for 72 hours per CDC guidelines. The CNA has also been encouraged to self-quarantine pending the final PCR lab result.

We have just completed the first round of Resident Covid testing on Second Floor and we are pleased to inform you that all results were Covid Negative. Unfortunately, Visitations will need to Stop temporarily for Residents on the Second Floor. The Second Floor will need to do at least another round of testing in collaboration with the JOCO Department of Health in three to four days from today. If the second round of testing is all negative, the Department of Health might allow Visitation once again, but might require a third round of testing before the Second Floor is accessible for Visitation once again; we will keep you posted when Second Floor Residents can have Visitors again. For the time being, we encourage all Residents on the Second Floor to stay in their rooms as much as possible until further guidance. Visitors can contact Winnie at 913-401-3819 or to schedule a virtual visit for Visitors who have loved ones on Second Floor.

Our County has been placed in yellow alert for its’ Covid Positivity Rate; we know that cases have been, and will continue to increase in our area before we begin to see a downward turn on numbers again. The biggest contribution you can make is to get vaccinated, properly wear your mask in populated places at a minimum, social distance, and utilize proper hand hygiene practices. As of today, 97% of all Covid Cases in the hospitals are from unvaccinated patients. We can logically deduce that only 3% are due to vaccinated patients; our healthcare workers throughout the United States are now fighting a battle against un-vaccination. Therefore, we are providing a $200 Staff incentive with proof of vaccination as our way to thank you for being a part of the solution (please collaborate with Nik in HR). We encourage everyone to remain diligent with the safety practices we’ve put in place to help keep our Residents, Patients, Family Members, Staff and community as Covid free as possible.

With that being said, we also want to make you aware that our Covid Unit has been successfully up and running. It couldn’t have come at a better time as we’re being to see another Covid wave rise in our area once again. We want to genuinely thank all the Staff that have been directly or indirectly involved in re-establishing our Covid Unit once again and create a pinnacle of hope to the folks in our community that would otherwise not have a place to rehabilitate from this terrible virus.

Again, our number one priority is to keep our Patients, Residents and Staff as safe as possible through this Pandemic. Mandates, guidelines, practices, PPE, etc. are only as good and effective as Visitors and Patients/Residents who are willing to abide by them; we request that you do your very best to ensure the safest visitation/outing experience possible for the sake of yourself, your loved one, and for the rest of the facility and community, as exposure to the virus has the potential to spread through the entire building and expose many lives to having their health compromised and even death. Failure to follow safety practices could abruptly end your visit, and potentially your ability to have future visitations. We appreciate your compliance and discipline with all visitation and outing practices.

As always, thank you again for your continued confidence to care for your loved one and for supporting us in our efforts during this pandemic.



At your service,

The Leadership Team at Shawnee PARC