COVID-19 Updates 10.16.20


Re: COVID-19 Updates


Dear Patients, Residents, Family and Friends;


In our commitment to keep you informed as we navigate through this pandemic, we would like to provide you with an update.

The Johnson County Health Department’s Epidemiologist and Gerontologist met with the Team to discuss infection control State Survey outcomes, review policies and procedures related to the facility’s Covid Contingency Plan, and inspect our observation unit and Covid Unit. The Department of Health was very impressed with their visit and granted Shawnee PARC the ability to admit patients with Covid to our Covid Unit. We currently have 13 private rooms designated to our Covid Unit, which six are currently occupied with Patients; one Patient was admitted from an affiliated facility and one from the hospital. The Department of Health is certainly glad and grateful that we have the capability, skill, resources, and know-how to be able to provide this much needed service to our community. They will continue to partner with us as we continue to serve our Residents and Patients in our community.

Our Clinical and Environmental Team continues to implement our contingency plan to contain potential spreads of the virus as much as possible. There are currently five Staff members who have been quarantined from the facility; two with symptoms, two who have tested positive for Covid (one which has no symptoms), and one potential exposure. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and look forward to their full recovery.

All Residents and Staff will continue to be assessed for signs and symptoms of the virus and will be tested weekly per the Johnson County Health Department guidelines for the Yellow Zone. We are diligently collaborating with the Department of Health to ensure we are doing everything on our end to keep our Residents, Patients and Staff as safe as possible. Should a loved one begin to show symptoms and/or test positive for Covid-19, we will let you know as soon as possible and discuss the plan with you.

As we mentioned in the previous letter, we are currently devising a plan to reopen the facility per CMS, CDC and JOCO Health Department. The facility must be “Covid Free” (not including our Covid Unit) for 14 days prior to allowing visitations. Therefore, every time there’s a new Covid case (not including the Covid Unit), the 14 day waiting period restarts. We are definitely looking forward to being able to reconnect our Residents and Patients with their loved ones! We will keep you informed as we get more information on reopening and what that will look like for Shawnee PARC.

Thank you for your support, patients, grace, and trust in us as we care of your loved one. We will certainly keep you updated as we continue to mitigate through Covid.


At your service,

The Leadership Team at Shawnee PARC