COVID-19 Update 1.3.22


COVID-19 Update


Dear Patients, Residents, Family and Staff:

As Covid cases continue to rise in our area, they unfortunately have also risen in our building. Three Residents and two Staff members have test positive between yesterday and today. In speaking with the Department of Health, most facilities in Johnson County are currently experiencing Covid outbreaks. In reviewing practices that were put in place since last week, the JOCO Department of Health has been in agreement, and is still currently endorsing restricted visitations (compassionate care only) due to the number of Residents who have tested positive who have been transition to the Covid Unit, or are currently residing in Maple 2 which has now become a Hybrid Covid Unit.

We continue to encourage you to reach out to your loved ones via phone to connect with them and provide them with very much needed encouragement. As we’re working towards resolution of this event, we are also looking for the human resource power to be able to offer alternative options for visitation such as scheduled virtual visits; more information on this to come.

OSHA has announced the final ruling for providers with 100+ Staff Members regarding the Vaccine Mandate. They have also provided a rather challenging deadline to reach compliance. As of the final announcement, the Deadline to have Staff Fully Vaccinated will be 01/10/2022; this Monday Coming Up!We only have a few business days to comply. About 80% of our Team Members have been vaccinated; they have either had the first shot, or both for vaccinations that require two doses. Or they have had the onetime dose for vaccinations that only require a single dose. We are still around 20% from compliance. We ask All Staff who have not provided completed Vaccination Card copies, or who have not been vaccinated yet, to please see Nik in HR to provide a copy of your full Vaccination Card no later than by 12:00pm on Monday 1/10/2022 so the Team can have sufficient time to submit all the virtual paperwork to the website portal for reporting.If you are unsure if you have been registered in the system as fully vaccinated, it is your responsibility to check with Nik to ensure you have reached compliance before the deadline. We apologize for the last-minute announcement, and we can certainly sympathize for the added stress this Mandate has caused. We are certainly grateful and appreciative of your cooperation as we seek to be compliant with the Mandate and its deadline.

We want to thank everyone directly and indirectly involved in caring for our Residents and Patients throughout this Pandemic. We couldn’t do it without You, the Shawnee PARC Team. Again, our number one priority is to keep our Patients, Residents, Staff, and You as safe as possible through this Pandemic. We appreciate your collaboration, compliance and discipline with all guidelines at this time.


At your service,

The Leadership Team at Shawnee PARC