COVID-19 Update 1.2.22


COVID-19 Update


Dear Patients, Residents, Family and Staff:

Once again, we want to thank you for your continued confidence to care for your loved ones and for supporting us in our efforts during this pandemic to keep everyone as safe as possible. We would also like to thank you for your diligence in promoting safety practices throughout this Pandemic, and your continued discipline with mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing while in our care center and in the Community as well.

We would like to provide you with an update regarding Covid cases, and also with new information and new interventions that have been put in place to keep our Residents, Patients, Staff and Families/Visitors as safe as possible during this Covid surge in our Community, our Nation and our World.

Our Clinical Staff were able to identify six new Covid cases today. We’ve placed a lot of strategic effort at keeping this virus contained as much as possible through a tactic called cohorting; which helps our Clinicians provide a safer environment and specialized care. Cohorting helps us keep Patients with the same disease together in the same area to limit exposure. This allow us to centralize resources, like personal protective equipment, and help ensure the best possible care outcomes for not only our Patients with Covid, but every other patient being cared for at Shawnee PARC. Our goal is to provide the necessary services and processes that result in our Residents and Patients returning to their highest level of function and optimal state of health.

To help meet this end, Maple 2 has been designated as a Hybrid Covid Unit which is currently caring for Patients who are Covid Positive as room has met capacity in the Covid Unit. Given the fact that the largest number of Covid positive Patients live in Maple 2, it made sense to designate this are as a second site to care for our Residents. The doors have been closed, signage on the doors has been posted, hand sanitation station has been placed outside of the doors, stocked PPE Carts have been placed outside of the rooms, bins for disposable PPE have been placed inside the rooms, signage has been placed on doors for precautionary measures before entering the rooms as part of interventions to keep everyone as safe as possible while Patients and Residents are being provided care. As much as we are utilizing best practices to help prevent the spread, it’s likely that several more Residents will become Covid positive at some point. This new strand of Covid, Omicron, doesn’t seem to discriminate based on vaccination status. And we are encouraged to seen positive clinical outcomes from those folks who have been vaccinated. Vaccination does increase the chances of surviving the virus with less difficulty than otherwise.

We will continue to work with the JOCO Department of Health as we continue to fight the good fight on behalf of the Residents and Patients we love and care for. As we work through this event, we will continue to restrict access to compassionate care visits only for now until we get further guidance; we will keep you posted.

We continue to thank everyone directly and indirectly involved in caring for our Residents and Patients throughout this Pandemic. We could definitely not be able to do it without you. We ask all our Family Members and Friends to be patient with the Staff and minimize calls to the Units as much as possible as our Staff have already been inundated with calls that keep them away from direct care of our Residents and Patients. If there is a change in condition with your loved one, a Team Member will make you aware as soon as possible and will share with you any appropriate interventions. Again, our number one priority is to keep our Patients, Residents, Staff, and You as safe as possible through this Pandemic. We appreciate your collaboration, compliance and discipline with all guidelines at this time.


At your service,

The Leadership Team at Shawnee PARC